Environmentally responsible and resource-efficient

The development of all aspects of the project will be aligned with goals of sustainability, ecologically sound and in harmony with the land.

Each cabin will be off-grid with:

  • active and passive solar energy
  • energy efficient materials
  • water collection
  • energy and water saving mini kitchen & bathroom, including small¬†shower in cabin
  • The food provided to retreatants will be free of pesticides, and growth locally when available

We hope that our project will inspire similar projects and we will share freely our knowledge and expertise.


Two caretakers who are very experienced with meditation retreat will be the staff providing all the needs of the participants and will live and work in the administrative building, with a small salary. All of the expenses of the participants will be provided for, except for travel. For retreatants using air travel, the staff will provide ground transportation.

Cabins and Other Buildings

The configuration of the property will consist of a main administrative building where the staff will live, solitary retreat cabins and other necessary buildings, such as a maintenance shop with the right tools and so on. Each cabin will offer electricity generated from the sun, wood stove for head, well water, a composting toilet, a small shower, silent refrigerator and utilities for cooking with propane heat, as well as first aid supplies/emergency communication equipment and so on.

Food and all necessities will be regularly delivered to participants (vegetarian food provided). All cabins will be designed to provide an optimal environment for contemplation and privacy and to ensure that the practice goes well.

Nova-Scotia, Canada