Our plan for the first two years

Our volunteers will purchase land and give free use of the land until it can be purchased by the Center at the purchase price.  We will begin a special fundraising campaign for this after the center is running smoothly, perhaps in as little as two or three years.

Our first goal will be to raise enough money to build cabins at $30 000 each, and begin scheduling successful applicants for retreat.  By 2017, we plan to have four cabins occupied nearly full time at an annual operation cost of $75,000.

While we will probably be offered small donations from practitioners, we will rely mainly on those who can help us in a bigger way.  If you or anyone you know is searching for a way to do something with great merit, please contact us!

How to give

The Benevolence Retreat Center will send an official donation receipt  to each donor. Please make sure to include the name and address for your receipt. We would like to minimize the usage of Paypal or credit card to avoid the 3% fee. However if it is the most convenient way for you to send money, you can send by PayPal a donation to director@benevolenceretreat.org.

For more detailed information on how to make your gift please contact:

Cheques in any nation’s currency may be sent directly to:

In Canada to:

The Benevolence Retreat Center
16 Parkhill Rd.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3P1R3

In the U.S. to:

The Benevolence Retreat Center



  • “This is a project that needs to be accomplished. …On this occasion of the construction and foundation of the retreat house of The Benevolence Center, if one can assist those who have faith in Dharma according to their needs to whatever extent possible, then it will be of benefit both to oneself and to others. As regards the welfare of others, this will be a cause of inconceivable benefit for many who will practice the excellent Dharma in the future. As regards one’s own welfare, it is certain that a vast collection of merit will arise for oneself. Therefore, I request everyone to help harmoniously in whatever way they can.”

    The Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche
  • “There is more merit in donating to someone’s retreat than in doing a retreat yourself.”

    Jamgon Kongtrol The Great
    the 19th century Tibetan meditation master who created the very first standardized three-year retreat

Making a Charitable Bequest

Please contact us to discuss the many different forms of charitable bequests.