The meditation retreat experience

All traditions of Buddhism have the practice of mindfulness meditation in common, Solitary retreat practice is one of the special characteristic of the Karma Kagyü lineage, which is one of the four major traditions that has come to the West from Tibet. Any person from any religious or spiritual tradition may apply for free retreat time, but all practitioners will practice Buddhist mindfulness meditation.

A genuine and relaxed state of awareness

This tradition of meditation in retreat is effective in that it allows the retreatant to bring the mind to a state of calm in which the mind can see the mind itself, thus bringing the retreatant to a genuine and relaxed state of awareness—something that is within the mind of all beings, but lies hidden until it is uncovered.  The ultimate fruition of the practice is a continuous experience of great compassion for the many beings that are suffering in this world and the development of the skill to help them.

A free retreat center

There are many meditation retreat centers in North America but none are free, and there is a need for a center for those not able to afford the considerable cost required at other centers. Therefore while anyone with sincere interest in meditation will be accommodated, the priority of The Benevolence Retreat Center will be to offer retreat time for free to qualified low-income applicants. Traditionally in the East, Buddhist teaching and practice has always been free, with the open invitation to the retreatant to donate whatever they could afford.